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I need to create a few classes and would like some help on where this would go in the YII Framework. I know if I create a Model, it must go in the "models" directory. And by the same logic I know where "views", "controllers" etc would go. However, where would the following be placed in my web application:

  1. A class that contains a variety of "number" functions such as currency conversion, metric conversions etc?
  2. A class that interacts with a REST API? (It interacts with the database)

Any tips?

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To get started with adding custom classeses on YII you can check below link.


Hope it'll help you to start.

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You can find an example here, it is pretty detailed in my opinion:

The directory structure of the Yii project site

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Not what I'm looking for. I want to know EXACTLY in my two examples where they must go. I have already read that page. –  coderama Oct 30 '12 at 7:29

Usually you can use any PHP class in within Yii. You can place it in the models folder (alongside the Yii generated models) and access them directly like so:

$myclass = new MyClass;

Alternatively (or if you run into any issues), you have can place it anywhere in your directory structure and include it in the main index.php (in the root) like so:

$myclass = dirname(__FILE__).'/myclass.php'; 
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