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How to create an observable that is initialized by an object?

function Company(object) {
    this.Code = object != undefined && object.Code != undefined ? ko.observable(object.Code) : ko.observable();
    this.Name = object != undefined && object.Name != undefined ? ko.observable(object.Name).extend({ required: { message: "Nom de la companie est obligatoire" } }) : ko.observable().extend({ required: { message: "Nom de la companie est obligatoire" } });  

//View Model

  var company = new AddedCompany();
  self.company = ko.observable(company);

I am not getting any exceptions in the console, but the binding does not work properly.
Is initializing an observable with an object possible in the first place?

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Yes it is, but you need to use the with binding to change the context to the sub viewmodel (Company in this case)

<!-- ko with: company -->
<div data-bind="text: Name"></div>
<!-- /ko -->

The with binding can be used with and without virtual element

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Thank you ! that worked. –  TaniaMaria Oct 30 '12 at 13:45

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