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I would like to do some action only once, when the app starts. Therefore, I tried to place the code within the main acitivity's onCreate, but this is triggered again and again when the user comes back to the main activity and/or when the device orientation changes. Which event fits better for my use-case?

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onCreate should only be called when the Activity is recreated. If you launch your app, press home, and launch your app again it would only call onResume – RvdK Oct 30 '12 at 8:05
consider storing a boolean in sharedpreferences. – ThePCWizard Oct 30 '12 at 8:33
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write the code in application level.

Class MyClass extends Application
    public void onCreate() {
           //your code. This will be executed only once.i.e. when app is started.


You need to declare this class in androidmanifest.xml also .As shown

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Create a static boolean, and check if this boolean is already set or not

for e.g

private static boolean flag = false;
  // perform this check inside oncreate
      // peform task
       flag = true;

This will make your code run only once, when the program starts.

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