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git flow only allows one hotfix branch at any one time. So rather than typing:

git flow hotfix finish hotfix_branch

I'dl like to create an alias that uses the only existing hotfix branch name. Something like the following pseudocode:

  fix-done = flow hotfix finish `git_fetch_branch_beginning_with_hotfix`

Can anyone help? Thanks.

Update: I'm using zsh.

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This function is more or less extracted from git-flow's source code:

finish_current_hotfix_branch ()
  local hotfix_prefix=$(git config --get gitflow.prefix.hotfix)
  local hotfix_branches=$(echo "$(git branch --no-color | sed 's/^[* ] //')" | grep "^$hotfix_prefix")
  local first_branch=$(echo ${hotfix_branches} | head -n1)
  git flow hotfix finish "$first_branch"


It seems like you have to put the entire function in your alias. Not nice, but works:

  fix-done ="!_() { p=$(git config --get gitflow.prefix.hotfix); b=$(echo \"$(git branch --no-color | sed 's/^[* ] //')\" | grep \"^$p\"); f=$(echo ${b} | head -n1); f=${f#$p}; git flow hotfix finish \"$f\"; }; _"
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Thanks, the current_hotfix_branch works for me but not when used in git alias. As an update, I'm using zsh so I stashed the method in .zshrc. As with the git alias, any ideas on this? Thanks – Zac Oct 31 '12 at 3:14
@ZacZheng You're right, it doesn't work this way. I've updated my answer. – Stefan Oct 31 '12 at 8:37
Thanks @Stefan. I've accepted as it does the job. Still open to a less obtrusive solution though! – Zac Nov 1 '12 at 8:17

Here is another way to do git flow hotfix finish alias:

hf = "!_() { b=$(git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD) && git co master && git pl && git co develop && git pl && git co $b && git rebase master && h=$(echo $b | sed 's/hotfix\\///g') && git flow hotfix finish -m 'new_tag' $h && git co master && git ps && git co develop && git ps && git ps --tags && git poo $b && git br -D $b;  }; _"
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If you run git flow AVH Edition you can just do

$ git flow finish

when you are on the branch you want to finish. This works for hotfix, release, feature and bugfix.

To check if you run git flow AVH Edition

$ git flow version
x.xx.x (AVH Edition)
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