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recently I got interested in Linux Driver Development. I read LDD3 book, a number of articles and examples. So I decided that it is time to try something on my own.

So what IO aim for: I want to find out how to read the ADC data from my PCI sound card and how to write data to the DAC

I searched a lot for examples and they all end up using ALSA api from User Space. This is not what I want to do.

I want to create my own interface to the User Space, through which I will transfer the data and will configure the device.

So here are some questions:

  1. Is this possible at all? Or I should stick to ALSA.

  2. Some design guidelines will be very appreciated. (I have some idea how to do it but I need other opinions).

  3. Where can I find some example code, tutorials, etc.

Thank you.

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See Writing an ALSA driver, and the documentation of your hardware.

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