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I am creating routes for php using a CakeRoute class.

The parse method works fine, but how do I make my urls in the app that are mapped liek:


I overwrote the parse() method to make my slugs map correctly on a request, but the links don't convert to, they still look the old way.

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this is stupid but works correctly (my hard coded question at the top that is:…) I DO NOT want to have to do a query in the db and regenerate the routes every time – chris Oct 30 '12 at 8:37

Pass the slug instead of the id to the link: array('slug' => $teacher['Teacher']['slug']);

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I have way to many links to change. There should be a better way using the match($url) feature – chris Oct 31 '12 at 2:16

First, make sure you're specifying your URLs with the array syntax; CakePHP cannot translate urls if you provided it a string url.

$this->Html->url(array('controller' => 'teachers', 'action' => 'contentProfile', $id));

instead of

$this->Html->url('/teachers/contentProfile/' . $id);

You may have to alternately provide the slug instead of the ID

$this->Html->url(array('controller' => 'teachers', 'action' => 'contentProfile', 'slug' => 'teacher-name'));

Or, update your custom route class' match() method to lookup the correct slug when only an id is provided.

class CustomRoute {
  match($url) {
    if (empty($url['slug']) && isset($url[0])) {
      // lookup slug
    return parent::match($url);
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awesome, i'll have to try this when I get home, you're just answering all my questions today. In the match() do I need to add in the slug like $url['slug'] = 'my-slug' somewhere? – chris Oct 30 '12 at 23:16

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