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what i have is :

<definition name="error" extends="baseLayout">
<put-attribute name="login" value="login.jsp"/>

in login.jsp a have a variable ;

<body onload='<c:if test="${not empty param.login_erro}">Username don't match </c:if>

i call this tiles when i have error in login by a controller /error.htm how to set the variable login_error to 1 to display the message (error login) thank'w

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Any EL that is looking at ${param.something} can only find the parameter if it was on the original request.

In your case, your controller would need to add an attribute to the request like:

if( userLoginFailed ) {
  request.setAttribute("login_erro", "1");

...then your jsp would check for ${not empty login_erro}.

${foo} will find an attribute named foo

${} will find a parameter named foo

${} will find an attribute named foo and call its .getBar() method

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