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I'm trying to follow some tutorial where on one place I should override GetVaryByCustomString .... Code is following

public override string GetVaryByCustomString(HttpContext context, string arg)
            // It seems this executes multiple times and early, so we need to extract language again from cookie.
            if (arg == "culture") // culture name (e.g. "en-US") is what should vary caching
                string cultureName = null;
                // Attempt to read the culture cookie from Request
                HttpCookie cultureCookie = Request.Cookies["_culture"];
                if (cultureCookie != null)
                    cultureName = cultureCookie.Value;
                    cultureName = Request.UserLanguages[0]; // obtain it from HTTP header AcceptLanguages

                // Validate culture name
                cultureName = CultureHelper.GetImplementedCulture(cultureName); // This is safe

                return cultureName.ToLower();// use culture name as cache key, "es", "en-us", "es-cl", etc.

            return base.GetVaryByCustomString(context, arg);

Question is: Where I should put these code, in which class?

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You can override it in Global.asax

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