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import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET

doc    = ET.parse("users.xml")
root = doc.getroot() #Returns the root element for this tree.
root.keys()          #Returns the elements attribute names as a list. The names are returned in an arbitrary order
for child in root:
    username             = child.attrib['username']
    password             = child.attrib['password']
    grant_admin_rights   = child.attrib['grant_admin_rights']
    create_private_share = child.attrib['create_private_share']
    uid                  = child.attrib['uid']

root  = ET.Element("users")
user  = ET.SubElement(root, "user")

tree = ET.ElementTree(root)
myxml = tree.write("new.xml")

output of this code :-

<users><user create_private_share="no" grant_admin_rights="no" password="sp" uid
="1000" username="us" /></users>

But am trying to make it like this :-


<user create_private_share="no" grant_admin_rights="no" password="sp" uid
="1000" username="us" ><group>hfhfhf</group> </user>


instead of this <user />, am trying <user> <group>fgfg</group> </user> . Thanks

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Try the SubElement factory function:

group = SubElement(user, "group")
# ...
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