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I have to intercept a DLL that calls a function in the coredll.dll of Windows CE 5.0. The DLL is not in ROM. How can I hook the call of the testee and redirect it to my own function?

Example: When the DLL code calls RegFlushKey I don't want the actual code be executed because it's very time consuming.

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I definitely think it's non-extensible, not maintainable, likely to cause problems in a real-world deplyment and generally an insane thing to be doing, but you could hook the RegFlushKey API directly, so that all calls to it get re-routed. It's too complex for a SO post, but there's a decent explanation over on Codeproject.

I'd be far more inclined to find any sort of workaround, be it background threading calls to the DLL or whatever long before I'd resort to API hooking.

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