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I have files: x0001_test.xml z0054_test.xml k5487_test.xml....

I would like to save them doing something like: cp *_test.xml ${BEGINNING}_test.xml.SAVE.

Is there a way in bash script to store the content of * for each file in order to re-inject it after? Or should I use a loop?

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A loop to do that is probably trivial enough to not need a separate one-line command. You don't need to save a portion of the filename since you're just adding .SAVE to the whole thing:

for fspec in *_test.xml; do
    cp "${fspec}" "${fspec}.SAVE"

And, in any case, you can do it in one line if you really want:

for fspec in *_test.xml; do cp "${fspec}" "${fspec}.SAVE" ; done
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Ok thanks paxdiablo! –  Maxbester Oct 30 '12 at 9:34

@paxdiablo gave you the most straightforward answer. Another couple of options

printf "%s\0" *_test.xml | xargs -0 -L1 -I{}  cp {} {}.SAVE
find . -name \*_test.xml -exec  cp {} {}.SAVE \;

This assumes you have GNU xargs, and the find command may find matching files in subdirectories.

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