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Does anyone know about how the clsql-sys methods get exported to the clsql-sys/cl-user package?

The methods are defined individually for each database type. For example, suppose I define a method in db-mysql/mysql-sql.lisp in package clsql-mysql:

(defpackage #:clsql-mysql
(:use #:common-lisp #:clsql-sys #:mysql #:clsql-uffi)
(:export #:mysql-database)
(:documentation "This is the CLSQL interface to MySQL."))
(in-package #:clsql-mysql)
(defmethod example ((database mysql-database)))

How do I get that method "example" into the clsql-sys package?

Sorry this question is very CLSQL specific...

thanks! Jieren

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I guess what you mean is the exports list in mysql-package.lisp.

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