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For my job i'm working with starteam.

But I want to try using svn. So in a first time I installed tortoisesvn on my pc (windows 7 home premium x64)

I have that directory :


On that directory I do :

right click - tortoiseSVN - create a repository here

Then I have


and I do

right click - SVN checkout - and choose my local repository file:///c:/svn/lab

In c:\java\lab, I create that structure

│   a.txt
│   b.xlsx
    │   c.txt
    │   d.xlsx

and I want to ignore txt files and target directories.

If I do

right click - svn commit

in the commit dialog all files and directories are in the list -- ok it's normal.

Now I tried

svn propset -R svn:ignore *.txt .

in the commit dialog, a.txt is not there (cool it's working) but c.txt is still there !!

Idem with target directories.

How can I do ?

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Thnanks but ... not working for me. Don't understand. I tried svn add --depth=empty c:\java\lab and it gives me c:\java is not a working copy –  tweetysat Oct 30 '12 at 16:24

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Right Click on top Directory > TortoiseSVN > Properties.

In the properties window, check if directory contains svn:ignore property. If doesn't, Click 'Add', then set property name svn:ignore and property values:


Otherwise, double-click the property.

Check 'Apply Property Recursively'. Click 'Ok'.

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