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I wish to show a different View form my Action method to an Admin and User:

public ActionResult Create()
    CreateIssue issue = new CreateIssue();
    if (user.SupportAdmin)
        return View("Admin/Create", issue);

    return View(issue);

Then my Views look like this:

@model myApp.Models.CreateIssue
    ViewBag.Title = "IT HelpDesk - Create a new Issue";


I have put the content inside a Partial called _Create as most of the content is the same, but I want to add an additional input to the Admin view which will sit in the middle of my _Create partial view. I'm not sure how to go about this, I did try to render a section in my Admin create view which is called inside the partial but they're only allowed on the _Layout page I think?

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You could just use an if statement?

    @*Put input here*@
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I'm not using the Role Provider. And I don't like to contain logic in my views –  BiffBaffBoff Oct 30 '12 at 15:00

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