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How can i get the shortest selector for any clicked element?
I want use this selector later to recover the same (or a nearly same) result.

Is there any existing method?

My ideas for that are searching with priority for:

  1. single-used ID
  2. multi-used ID with counter
  3. single-used name
  4. multi-used name with counter
  5. single-used classname
  6. multi-used classname with counter
  7. shortest parent path to 1.-6.

Not shure how to build a short path for maximum reliability and maximum flexibility (f.e. new parent-tags or a movement in the code).

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This heavily based on the structure of markup. –  Vohuman Oct 30 '12 at 10:24
And you'll get vastly different results for a jQuery selector and a CSS selector... –  BoltClock Oct 30 '12 at 10:26

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I would suggest something like:

When an element is clicked

  1. See if it has an ID, if so your selector is #<id>
  2. If it does not have an ID, generate a random identifier and assign it as the element's ID, your selector is #<generated-id>

i.e. something like:

var selector = '';

$('element').click(function() {
    var self = $(this);
    if(!self.is('[id]')) {
        var id = 'ljhlihj'; // replace with code to generate random ID
        self.attr('id', id);
    selector = '#' + self.attr('id');
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good idea, but i want to use this on unknown foreign websites and i cant save anything on their code. (and want to use newest live-versions every time) –  terraloader Oct 30 '12 at 10:33

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