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I'm approaching web programming. I need to retrieve some informations from a web page. I have the url of the page, so I want the html source code, translate it into xml and then use the dom functions of php to fetch the informations I need.

My php code is this:

$url=$_POST['url']; //url

$doc_html=new DOMDocument();
$doc_html->loadHTML($url); //html page
$doc_xml=new DOMDocument();
$doc_xml->loadXML($doc_html->saveXML()); //xml converted page

$nome_app=new DOMElement($doc_xml->getElementById('title'));

echo $nome_app->nodeValue;

I get this fatal error:

Uncaught exception 'DOMException' with message 'Invalid Character Error' on this line:

$nome_app=new DOMElement($doc_xml->getElementById('title'));

What's wrong? Is it the entire process html-to-xml? I found some example on the web and should work... Thanks!

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You need to define XML entities for the special characters that you're using in your HTML. It must be the same kind of problem than here: DOMDocument::loadXML vs. HTML Entities

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I would go for a preg_match() solution to get the content you need over parsing the whole document as XML. Specially if the document becomes invalid for some reason you won't get your info anymore.

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You, and @Bgi, are right, but this is my situation: I have a huge source code and I don't know the DTD's that an XML file need. Parsing and correcting the whole document it's gonna be useless because I only need some html content, and a way to retrieve these without parsing a very long string, hence the use of DOM. –  esseara Oct 30 '12 at 22:57

Solved! Simply:

$doc_html=new DOMDocument();
$nome = $doc_html->getElementsByTagName('h1');
foreach ($nome as $n) { 
   echo $n->nodeValue, PHP_EOL;

Maybe the code was too messy before. Thanks everybody for the answers!

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best way is to use xpath queries,


it is very fast

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Was my second thought, but I prefer to use DOM because the source is very long and mazy, so I'm better using the tag names :) –  esseara Oct 30 '12 at 23:00

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