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I am building a Desktop touch application using the WPF bing maps control. I have seen that you can add element directly as an item to the map control or if using MVVM we can use the MapItemControls and define a binding to a collection of Location.

For my scenario I will display on the map different type of information like :

  • Location of customer projects in different Location . projects are organise by type ( Big project, medium project, Validated project )

  • Location of customer sales offices

PushpPins will be visualy identified differently based on Project type and Sales Office.

The question I have, is about the way to organise those pushpins on the map .

Do I have to go to a single ObservableCollection of Location which will contains Projects Location and Sales area and display them all in a single maplayer ?

Do I better go to create a MapLayer for each PushPin type and bind them to respective collection ?

What is the best ?

regards serge

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resolved by using different map layers

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