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I have some code which is reading user input from console using below code.

Console console = System.console();
String input = console.readLine();

However, this code should run in a very secure env, where every action's permissions are controlled through a policy file.

So I did my testing of the java code with policy file as

grant codeBase "file:/myjar.jar" {

I have no clue, what permission I should use to grant permission to console.readLine().

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If you're using System.console in a JVM with the SecurityManager enabled, you'll need the following RuntimePermissions:

permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "readFileDescriptor";
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "writeFileDescriptor";


The and System.out file descriptors (0 and 1, with 2 representing System.err) are already open to the JVM. The SecurityManager verifies that you have write access to the open file descriptors through the checkWrite(FileDescriptor fd) method, and similarly that you have read access through the checkRead(FileDescriptor fd) method. The RuntimePermission required by those methods are listed in the javadocs.

While the "writeFileDescriptor" might appear superfluous, it is necessary for initializing the Console object (atleast in the Oracle Java 7 runtime).

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Thanks. It worked like a charm. :) – Jijoy Oct 31 '12 at 6:35

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