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I have created an application on Delphi 7. my app had running fine since yesterday. I don't know what's happened yesterday which cause my application halts on Application.Initialize line in source code and does not return to next line when i trace the program. I can't run the created executable file from widows niether while the generated file does run on another machine correctly. here is the code where the compiler stops on it:

program Info_Kiosk;

uses SysUtils, Forms, ... (some other units) ;

{$R *.res}


Application.CreateForm(Tfrm_Main, frm_Main);

any help would be appreciated

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The implementation of TApplication.Initialize looks like this:

procedure TApplication.Initialize;
  if InitProc <> nil then TProcedure(InitProc);

So, look through your code for anything that assigns to InitProc.

Another approach is to use your debugger to help you. Enable Debug DCUs. Then set a break point on the call to Application.Initialize in your .dpr file. Then step into that procedure with F7. Then step into the call to InitProc and follow that along until you reach the code that blocks.

If you are using a revision control system you can simply check out older versions of the project and use a binary search to find the commit that introduced the behaviour. If you are not using revision control, start doing so now.

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Yep.Always use the debugger. Step in. – Warren P Oct 31 '12 at 2:21
I did that and traced into the Initialize function. It seems that the application halts on a external function defined in ole32.dll and out there something goes wrong. the function name which my app ends up on it is *function CoInitialize; external ole32 name 'CoInitialize'; – m-abdi Oct 31 '12 at 9:20
Something very badly wrong if you app fails when calling CoInitialize. If I were you I would now start stripping code out, bit by bit, until you can find what other code in your program leads to this. As a first check, does a blank VCL forms app start up? Other things to think about: what did you install on that machine recently? – David Heffernan Oct 31 '12 at 9:41

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