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In the following case method name created by Human is not available to Boy. Is my understanding correct that attr_accessor methods are not available to subclasses. I need to use superclass to access the method added by attr_accessor.

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I just tried it myself and it worked — the method was available to Boy — though of course was nil since Boy had not been given a name. Is the problem that you want Boy to inherit Human's name rather than having a name of its own? – Chuck Aug 21 '09 at 20:07
The gist is no longer available. – noumenon Dec 31 '13 at 6:43

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What you're looking for is cattr_accessor which fixes this specific problem:

Here's your example, fixed:

class Human
  def self.age
    @age = 50
  def self.age=(input)
    @age = input

  cattr_accessor :name = 'human'
class Boy < Human

puts Human.age
puts Boy.age
puts # => 'human'
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cattr_accessor makes all classes and instances of those classes share the same value for the property. I'm not sure this is exactly the right behavior. – Chuck Aug 21 '09 at 20:06
They both access the same attribute, so it makes sense. If you want to declare a different value for the sub-class, you'd likely have to re-declare the cattr_accessor. – tadman Aug 21 '09 at 21:08
I should have mentioned that I fixed this problem by using cattr_accessor. However I really wanted to understand how attr_accessor works. My understanding was that it stores an instance variable. But instant variables are available to subclasses. So the real question is why is returning nil. Also why can't I use the code block of this site on my mac/FF. – Roger Aug 21 '09 at 21:29
Accessors do not store instance variables. You can define instance variables without using an accessor. Accessors are for exposing instance variables. You can highight code by indenting 4 spaces or highlighting the block and select the "101010" icon. – Tate Johnson Aug 21 '09 at 23:17

Human and Boy are two different objects. Two objects can never share a single instance variable. They do both have the method, but the method will access the appropriate ivar for the object.

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