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I am able to read message from the inbox from this:--

 Uri uriSMSURI = Uri.parse("content://sms/inbox");

 Cursor cur = getContentResolver().query(uriSMSURI, null, null, null, null);

i access date from this:-

   date = cur.getString(cur.getColumnIndexOrThrow("date"));

But now problem is that it gives current time not Message Time from inbox. Sorry for Bad editing & any idea will be appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

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start by listing columns to see which is of interest to you –  njzk2 Oct 30 '12 at 11:20

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Use this code:

ContentResolver contentResolver = getContentResolver();
Cursor cursor = contentResolver.query( Uri.parse( "content://sms/inbox" ), null, null, null, null);
String date =  cursor.getString(cursor.getColumnIndex("date"));
Long timestamp = Long.parseLong(date);    
Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance();
Date finaldate = calendar.getTime();
String smsDate = finaldate.toString();
Log.d(Home.class.getName(), smsDate);
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 * Read messages of respective phone number from msg 
 * @param activity
 * @param ph_number
 * @return

public static void getMessageDetails(Activity activity, String ph_number) {

    String forDelete_thread_id = "";
    String forDelete_id = "";
    String address = ph_number;
    Uri allMsg = Uri.parse("content://sms/");
    Cursor managedCursor = activity.getContentResolver().query(
            new String[] { "_id", "thread_id", "address", "date", "body",
                    "type" }, "address=?", new String[] { address }, null);

    while (managedCursor.moveToNext()) {

        String msg_id = managedCursor.getString(0);
        String thread_id = managedCursor.getString(1);
        String address_b = managedCursor.getString(2);
        String date = managedCursor.getString(3);
        String msg_body = managedCursor.getString(4);
        String type = managedCursor.getString(5);

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In Sms tables, Dates are stored as INTEGER in milliseconds. so, use

millis = cur.getLong(cur.getColumnIndexOrThrow("date")) on Cursor.

Then, use

DateFormat.format("EEEE, MMMM dd, yyyy h:mm:ss aa", new Date(millis))

to get a nice readable string.

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