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I am new to the world of backbone.js . I want to communicate with the server using backbone.js and render the employee details on to the table .I am getting the data from the server using following code:

    var EmployeeCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: Person,
     parse : function(res) 
         console.log('response inside parse' + res);
        return res;


var employee = new EmployeeCollection();

In log statement i am getting :response inside parse[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]

But i don't know what next. How to retrieve the data from the object i am getting and render it on to the table . Do anyone have suggestions ?

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Let us assume you have a table in your HTML page with id="employee" and you have defined a template corresponding to a row in the table. For simplicity, we asssume employee row just has firstname and lastname:

<table id="employee">
<script type="text/template" id="employee-template">
    <td><%= firstname %></td><td><%= lastname %></td>

You need two views one to render the table, and one to render each row in the table. They may look like:

//a (table) view to render the list of employees
var employee_list_view = Backbone.View.extend({
    el: $('#employee'),
    initialize: function() {
        this.collection.bind("add", this.render, this);

    //this creates new rows in the table for each model in the collection
    render: function() {
        _.each(this.collection.models, function(data) {
            this.$el.append(new employee_view({
                model: data
        }, this);
        return this;

//a (row) view to render each employee
var employee_view = Backbone.View.extend({
    tagName: "tr",
    template: _.template($("#employee-template").html()),

    render: function() {
        return this;

After you fetch the collection from the server, the items are stored within the collection. You can view the retrieved data using the following code. On success we create a new employee list (table in this case) and pass the employee collection.

var employee = new EmployeeCollection();

    success: function() {
        new employee_list_view({collection: employee}).render();
    error: function() {
        console.log('Failed to fetch!');

Note: its recommended to use the success/fail callbacks.

Take a look at this working version on JSFiddle

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_.each(this.collection.models, ... might be nicer as this.collection.each(...). And don't you want to this.$('tbody').append(...) to add the employee_views? –  mu is too short Oct 30 '12 at 15:31
Thanks for the comments! Guess, I am learning lots of stuff myself participating in the Q/A. Cheers :) –  Amulya Khare Oct 30 '12 at 18:49

First of all, you can get much more information if you use console.log in this way console.log('response inside parse', res);. res won't be converted to string, but it will be displayed as a JavaScript object with all its properties and values. Then, check the backbone.js docs Collection.parse and read what the res is in this context and what this method should return.

Probably next step would be to create a View which renders a table using some template and data from your collection.

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