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Sorry if the question was asked before i try search but not found. I'm still new on mssql so maybe the answer are obvious just i cant find.

My current query is:

SELECT gold_min, gold_max, gold_min_2, gold_max_2
FROM m_rdb

I want to divide the values on current columns by 20 and then update, just not sure how to do. Any help are welcome.

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Are you looking for this:

update m_rdb
set col=col/20.0
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Thx for the help. – Rafael Sabadin Oct 30 '12 at 11:30

If your updating the values to same columns then

Update m_rdb SET gold_min = gold_min/20, gold_max=gold_max/20,
gold_min_2=gold_min_2/20, gold_max_2=gold_max_2/20

If your updating the values to Other columns then

Update m_rdb SET gold_min_other = gold_min/20, gold_max_other=gold_max/20,
gold_min_2_other=gold_min_2/20, gold_max_2_other=gold_max_2/20
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