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I changed the name of my application on the facebook developer site for my app yesterday (to change it from a test to a live named version) and now the connect authentication is broken!

Im using the following urls to make my request using the webauthentication broker samples

which work fine and my application brings up the facebook authentication screen, lets me log in, and I get the popup in my browser facebook notifications to let me know the login happened.

BUT I'm not being sent back to my application screen which then picks up tokens and the like.

I think this is something to do with site domains and the site url boxes which control where the user is returned to after a login request. Does anyone know what these should be again? I also changed the namespace but that should only relate to opengraph yeah?

FWIW - I've ran the SDK facebook auth application and put my facebook application id into that to test things out, and the same thing happens - so i'm SURE that it's something in the app settings on the facebook site I've broken.

Another interesting thing is that taking the url my javascript generates (as in the full login dialog url, with the redirect uri, the application id and scope parameters and put that into a web browser window, it goes from end to end and redirects me back to the specified url with the authorization tokens passed through.

So something in my application settings or redirect URL is not working here.

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Did you generate a new app token? –  agrothe Oct 30 '12 at 11:49
You mean the one generated and passed back via query string? In the test where i put the javascript generated url into my browser window, i get passed back properly. But the windows metro application never gets redirected back, so i can't pick up anything in the querystring. –  user1517196 Oct 30 '12 at 12:18
Did you update the URL in the app setting to reflect your new host? sometimes it takes a while to propagate through their servers I think. If so, how long ago did you update the app url? –  agrothe Oct 30 '12 at 12:33
Yep, I've tried multiple things - leaving the hostname and then the server url both blank, or setting them to localhost, or setting them to the facebook success url. I have vague memories of having to set the page/site url to something that Windows 8 can work with (like a localhost address or something) but that was months back. As this now doesn't seem to work with even the SDK examples, It MUST be something in my app settings on the facebook site. –  user1517196 Oct 30 '12 at 12:42
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