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I have taken over an application from a previous developer, and there was some code which was half finished using Nusoap, I am getting the error:

Call to register_donation() web service failed due to an exception: 
Function ("register_donation") is not a valid method for this service   

The application is built on: CakePHP 1.2.10 & using nuSoap 0.9.5.

I have already ini_set('soap.wsdl_cache_enabled', 0); (This doesnt help.)

My code is below (I shortened it for readability), Am I processing this response correctly? (The code was taken over by myself from a previous developer).

The Pastebin (of the full code) is here: PasteBin Link

A shortened version is below for a glance over, the full version is in the pastebin link above.

ini_set('soap.wsdl_cache_enabled', 0);

class ServicesController extends AppController
var $uses = array("Donation");
var $components = array( "Email", "MatchingEvents" );

function registerDonation($donation = null){
    $this->log('hit registerDonation', 'donation');
    $this->autoRender = false;
    Configure::write('Session.start', false);

    //init soap server
    $server = new soap_server();

    $endpoint = 'http://new.mysite.com/services/registerDonation';

    //initialize WSDL support
    $server->configureWSDL('donations', 'urn:donations', $endpoint);

    //setup service type
            'success' => array('name' => 'success', 'type' => 'xsd:boolean'),
            'msg' => array('name' => 'msg', 'type' => 'xsd:string'),
            'error_number' => array('name' => 'error_number', 'type' => 'xsd:string')

    //register the method to expose
        array('ct_number' => 'xsd:string', 'project_id' => 'xsd:int', 'donation_amount' => 'xsd:decimal',
            // Stripped all other params
            'result' => 'tns:DonationResult'
        'Accepts the results of a donation to a charity or project on the  site'

    //This inner function is registered and then called (keep within outer function!)
    function register_donation(
        // Pass in all the params (Stripped for readability)
        $ct_number = null, $project_id = null, $donation_amount = null
        // This function is never hit!.. its not registered, why?
        $this->log('hit #3-register_donation called!', 'donation');
        $return = $this->Donation->add(array(
            'unique_id' => $unique_id,
            'ct_number' => $ct_number,
            'project_id' => $project_id,
            'donation_amount' => $donation_amount,
            // Pass in all other params, (Stripped for readability)

        // Process that request
        $log = $this->Donation->log . 'Result: ' . $return['msg'] . "\n";
        $this->log( $log, 'donation' );
        if ( isset($this->Donation->matching['events']) )
            //Reserved donations should already have had their events handled
            $this->MatchingEvents->handle($this->Donation->matching, !$this->Donation->matching['reserved']);
        if ( !empty($this->Donation->cacheSaved) )
        return $return;


function _sendDonationEmails($donation)
    // Send the emails


If there is any more information I can provide, please let me know.

To Summarise: How do I process a nusoap response coming from a external source.
Any debugging ideas, hints & tips or solution will be rewarded (+1!).

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OK, Figured it out (as always!), so posting it for others who run into the same issue.

Currently, if you look at the code posted in the question. There is a function named registerDonation inside a controller named ServicesController. Inside that function I have another function called register_donation (This obviously doesnt make sense! [Old Code!]).

I removed the function named register_donation out of the registerDonation method and placed it as a method inside the ServicesContoller.

Then I had to change the following line (where I register the function to expose).

From: $server->register('register_donation',
To:     $server->register('ServicesController.register_donation',

So we are calling class.method as oppose to method only (Would work in old skool PHP4 procedural programming (Which this code is from), but in OOP, we need to specify the controller.method when exposing our function).


Having other problems?

Q: CakePHP & nuSOAP is not hitting my controller/method, but redirects to app/webroot

A: I am using CakePHP 1.2, I found when I did not have a services model (because it wasnt technically required [ie: I didnt need it]), The request wasn't even hitting my controller!. So if your having this issue, create a model for your controller, even if your not using it!, For your reference, here is my modal:

<?php // I dont need this modal, but cakephp requires it to be there.
class Services extends AppModel {
   public $name = 'Services';
   public $useTable = false;

Q:What URL should I be receiving responses to?

A: The URL you set your response to hit must include ?wsdl.
So.. for eg: you have a controller named SOAPController and method named process.
In CakePHP, your URL would look like this: mydomain.com/SOAP/process.
So your WSDL is located at mydomain.com/SOAP/process?wsdl. Make sure your callback URL is set to this (including the wsdl).

Q: How do I debug SOAP requests/responses using CakePHP?

A: CakePHP has a logging feature which proved invaluable in debugging SOAP. In your controller (or modal!) you can use:

$this->log('your message or variable', 'name_of_file_to_save_to);

You can use this through your SOAP request or response to see what parts are being hit/called and debugging variables (eg: $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA).

Q: My WSDL location is shown as `domain.com/app/webroot` when I visit the SOAP page.

A: I thought this was the issue causing all the problems, Looking at the source code Nusoap uses PHP_SELF to get the current script (which in cakePHP is app/webroot/index.php), Dont worry about this, you can access the wsdl by appending the URL with ?wsdl, This will show you your generated WSDL file, You dont need to worry about fixing this (I spent ages on this!). Its not intefering with your SOAP request whatsoever, Its merely there for your convenience.

Q: My SOAP address location is showing 'domain.com/app/webroot/index.php`

A: This was a issue I fixed by including the $endpoint in the configureWSDL().

//Set our endpoint, Replace with your URL
$endpoint = 'http://yourdomain.com/controller/method';

//initialize WSDL support - Include the $endpoint.
$server->configureWSDL('donations', 'urn:donations', $endpoint);

// Now your Soap Address Location should be what you set as the $endpoint!
// Happy days!... And your very welcome! :D

- Dont use SOAP if possible, its crap, your looking for Restful Web Services.
- If you have to use SOAP and your reading this, hopefully the above will help solve some of your issues.

Happy Coding! ;D

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