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I have a server set up on which I have a video in /var/www/html directory. I can use VLC Player from my laptop and do a File->Open Network Streams and provide the url http:/// to start my streaming.

But this uses HTTP Streaming. I want to try the UDP/RTP streaming. How to implement that? What needs to be done at the server end to make sure server is sending UDP packets?

TIA - Sidharth

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While setting up streaming on the server you can specify the type of stream whether it be over http, udp/rtp or video on demand via rtsp.

Following should help though options might vary slightly depending upon version of vlc and platform vlc streaming

On the client side the url to access network stream changes i.e. it is prefixed with udp, http or rtsp

Also note that you can setup streaming both via UI or command line. Details are given in vlc wiki. Command line setup is extremely handy in particular when you wish to automate via code/script the server setup process.

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