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When I write this code, I get only the parent tag value. I want to get their childnodes value also, please tell me about this.

XmlDocument DOC = new XmlDocument();
DOC.Load("C:\\Users\\DIGITEL EYE SYSTEM\\Desktop\\response.xml");

foreach (XmlNode AllNodes in ParentNode)
    Project.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
    if (AllNodes.ChildNodes == DOC.GetElementsByTagName("AppBuilderForms"))
        //  Project.Forms = DOC.GetElementsByTagName("");
        // String sb = AllNodes["Forms"].InnerText;
    else if (AllNodes.ChildNodes==DOC.GetElementsByTagName("CheckMarkObject"))
        checkmark.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
        checkmark.Label = AllNodes["Label"].InnerText;
        // checkmark.IsChecked = AllNodes["IsChecked"].InnerText;
    else if (ParentNode == DOC.GetElementsByTagName("DateTimeObject"))
        DateTime.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
        DateTime.Label = AllNodes["Label"].InnerText;
    else if (ParentNode == DOC.GetElementsByTagName("LocationObject"))
        Location.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
        Location.Label = AllNodes["Label"].InnerText;
        Location.Longitude = AllNodes["Longitude"].InnerText;
        Location.Latitude = AllNodes["Latitude"].InnerText;
    else if (ParentNode==DOC.GetElementsByTagName("SwitchObject"))
        Switch.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
        Switch.Label = AllNodes["Label"].InnerText;
        // Switch.IsChecked =AllNodes["IsChecked"].InnerText;
    else if(ParentNode==DOC.GetElementsByTagName("TextViewObject")) 
        TextView.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
        TextView.Value = AllNodes["Value"].InnerText;
    else if (ParentNode ==DOC.GetElementsByTagName("TextFieldObject"))
        TextField.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
        TextField.Value = AllNodes["Value"].InnerText;
    else if (ParentNode == DOC.GetElementsByTagName("PhotoPickerObject"))
        PhotoPicker.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
        PhotoPicker.Label = AllNodes["Label"].InnerText;
    else if (ParentNode == DOC.GetElementsByTagName("SpinWheelPickerObject"))
        SpinWheelPicker.Name = AllNodes["Name"].InnerText;
        SpinWheelPicker.Label = AllNodes["Label"].InnerText;
        // SpinWheelPicker.Columns = AllNodes["Columns"].InnerText;
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You sure you meant to compare ParentNode instead of AllNodes.ChildNodes with your reference elements? – MisterMetaphor Oct 30 '12 at 11:52
i am trying to get all inner value from xml file. not trying to compare. – HmXa Oct 30 '12 at 11:55
What limitations do you have? I.E .Net version, libraries and so on? (Why are you using XmlDocument?) – Thomas Lindvall Oct 30 '12 at 12:24
@ThomasLindvall: basically my purpose is to create UI at runtime for this purpose i use xmldocument. – HmXa Oct 30 '12 at 12:58

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var xdoc = XDocument.Load(@"C:\Users\DIGITEL EYE SYSTEM\Desktop\response.xml");
    var allElements = xdoc.Root.Elements();
    foreach (string element in allElements)
        //TODO add logic

First we'll load up the xml into a XDocument (needs .Net 3.5),
nothing odd going on here.

Second we'll select the root node and ALL the elements under the root into a IEnumrable. You can add a filter here in the Elements() method.

Third we'll start iterating over the elements in our IEnumerable and implicitly cast them to a string, this is a operator in the LINQ to XML lib that just returns the XElement.Value (so if you think that's more readable or need the whole Element for some other reason write that! I.E XElement element in allElements)

Don't know how to do it in XmlDocument, I've totally forgotten, hopefully this might help you in case you'll go down that path (pun intended).

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to get all XmlElementNodes with XPATH "/*" should work. With a similar approach should work incase you still have the same problem. – Thomas Lindvall Nov 21 '12 at 8:20

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