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I'm working with Liferay and generating portlets with a Apache Ant-based build.
I want to generate a portlet project only without compiling it's codes.
How can I do it? What arguments must be passed to the ant command?

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Just simply use the script that is in the portlets directory under the Plugins SDK to create a new portlet plugin project.

  1. Install Plugins SDK
  2. Go into portlets subdirectory on command line
  3. Run the and pass two arguments, one for name of portlet project and other for the display name.

All of this is fully documented here along with how to perform the same task using Liferay IDE (Eclipse plugin for Liferay development).

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Oh! I forgot to say that I first make an Xml file for my project in the XmlPortletFactory folder and then execute the ant command on it to generate the project. How can I execute the ant command without compiling the project after generating it. – Hamid62 Oct 31 '12 at 7:03
@Hamid62 why don't you edit your question and state that you're using XmlPortletFactory? – Olaf Kock Oct 31 '12 at 8:49
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There are 2 files in the myProject-xmlportletfactory folder under the XmlPortletFactory folder: build.xml and myProject.xml.
When I run the ant in this path, it runs the build.xml.
In the buil.xml file, under the <target> tag there are to <ant> tags, the first builds services and classes for the project and the second compiles and deploys the project. if I delete the second tag and run the ant, it will build the project only and dont compile it.

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