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I am getting 200 Supplier names as an input parameter with huge values to the stored procedure.I tried declaring in CLOB,VARCHAR2(32767).But when i try to execute it is not accepting. Please anyone help me how to handle this .

   p_plant_cd        IN VARCHAR2,
   p_region_cd       IN VARCHAR2,
   p_matrl_nbr       IN OUT VARCHAR2,
   p_supplier_nbr    IN OUT VARCHAR2,
   p_supplier_name   IN OUT CLOB,
   p_mrpcontrollercd IN OUT VARCHAR2,
   p_currency        IN   VARCHAR2,
   oresultset        OUT  sys_refcursor,
   p_err_cd          OUT  NUMBER,
   p_err_msg         OUT  VARCHAR2
sqlquery varchar2(10000);
p1 varchar2(10);
p2 varchar2(20);
p3 varchar2(20);
p4 varchar2(20);
v_percent varchar2(10):='%';
v_matrl_nbr       VARCHAR2(10000);
v_supplier_nbr    VARCHAR2(10000);
v_supplier_name   CLOB;
v_mrpcontrollercd  VARCHAR2(10000);

 v_supplier_nbr :=p_supplier_nbr;
 v_supplier_name :=p_supplier_name;
sqlquery:='select wk_nbr, nbr_working_days,'||p1||' as matrl_nbr ,'||p2||' as supplier_nbr,'||p3||' as supplier_name_txt,'||p4||' as mrp_controller_cd,sum(reqmnt_qty)reqmnt_qty , sum(proj_inven_qty)proj_inven_qty, sum(doh) doh,sum(proj_recpt_1) proj_recpt_1, sum(proj_recpt_2) proj_recpt_2, sum(proj_recpt_3) proj_recpt_3, sum(proj_recpt_4) proj_recpt_4,sum( proj_recpt_total_qty) proj_recpt_total_qty,sum(consumption_qty) consumption_qty, sum(consumption_var_qty) consumption_var_qty , sum(final_recpt_qty) final_recpt_qty,sum(recpt_var_qty) recpt_var_qty from GMMT_OWNER.OR_RMCE_GTT_PROJ_RECPT_T ';
sqlquery:=sqlquery||' where ('''||v_matrl_nbr||''' IS NULL) OR matrl_nbr IN (SELECT * FROM TABLE(GMMT_PROC.OR_in_list_RPT5_FN('''||v_matrl_nbr||'''))) OR matrl_nbr like '''|| v_matrl_nbr||v_percent||'''';
sqlquery:=sqlquery||' AND ('''||v_supplier_nbr||''' IS NULL) OR supplier_nbr IN (SELECT * FROM TABLE(GMMT_PROC.OR_in_list_RPT5_FN('''||v_supplier_nbr||'''))) OR supplier_nbr like '''|| v_supplier_nbr||v_percent||'''';
sqlquery:=sqlquery||' AND ('''||v_supplier_name||''' IS NULL) OR supplier_name_txt IN (SELECT * FROM TABLE(GMMT_PROC.OR_in_list_RPT5_FN('''||v_supplier_name||'''))) OR supplier_name_txt like '''|| v_supplier_name||v_percent||'''';
sqlquery:=sqlquery||' AND ('''||v_mrpcontrollercd||''' IS NULL) OR mrp_controller_cd IN (SELECT * FROM TABLE(GMMT_PROC.OR_in_list_RPT5_FN('''||v_mrpcontrollercd||'''))) OR mrp_controller_cd like '''|| v_mrpcontrollercd||v_percent||'''';
sqlquery:=sqlquery||' group by wk_nbr, nbr_working_days,'||p1||','||p2||','||p3||','||p4||' order by wk_nbr';

OPEN oresultset FOR sqlquery;

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declaring CLOB should work, what error you are getting – Maddy Oct 30 '12 at 12:03
I am trying to print the supplier names which is getting as an input parameters.I am getting statement handle not executed. – mani.gkn Oct 30 '12 at 12:05
Post code and error message (the CLOB version) – bpgergo Oct 30 '12 at 12:07
@mani.gkn Please update your question – Maddy Oct 30 '12 at 12:10
-1: Please don't edit your code here: just copy and paste it directly from your real environment. – Colin 't Hart Oct 30 '12 at 12:24

You need to learn about bind variables! Never, ever concatenate values passed into a SQL statement.

See for why this is a bad idea.

Now the problem you are having is caused by the large value being inserted into the SQL statement, making a very long string -- too long for a varchar.

See for how to use bind variables with dynamic SQL from PL/SQL.

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Hi Can u please tell me how to solve this.After i increase the size of Sqlquery it is giving ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1 ORA-01003: no statement parsed..I din knw other option than this so i usd this. Can u tell me what i can do for this – mani.gkn Oct 30 '12 at 13:17
Read the last link of my answer! It describes how to use bind variables which will solve all of your problems. – Colin 't Hart Oct 30 '12 at 14:29

Dynamic SQL: don't do it like this.

You should never, never ever concatenate a variable containing a value to SQL. Never, please it kills performance, produce hard to reproduce/find bugs and is blatantly open to SQL injection.

It is okay to use dynamic SQL for dynamic grouping because P1... P4 aren't values but are column names and as such can't be bound.

ALL other variables should be passed as binds:

your OPEN statement should be:

OPEN oresultset FOR '
SELECT wk_nbr,
       ' || dbms_assert.simple_sql_name(p1) || ' AS matrl_nbr,
       ' || dbms_assert.simple_sql_name(p2) || ' AS supplier_nbr,
       ' || dbms_assert.simple_sql_name(p3) || ' AS supplier_name_txt,
       ' || dbms_assert.simple_sql_name(p4) || ' AS mrp_controller_cd,
       sum(reqmnt_qty) reqmnt_qty,
    OR matrl_nbr IN (SELECT * FROM TABLE(GMMT_PROC.OR_in_list_RPT5_FN(:VAR1)))
    OR matrl_nbr LIKE :VAR1 || ''%''
    OR supplier_nbr IN (SELECT * FROM TABLE(GMMT_PROC.OR_in_list_RPT5_FN(:VAR2)))
    OR supplier_nbr LIKE :VAR2 || ''%''
GROUP BY wk_nbr,
         ' || p1 || ', ' || p2 || ', ' || p3 || ', ' || p4 || '
ORDER BY wk_nbr' 
   USING v_matrl_nbr, v_matrl_nbr, v_matrl_nbr, 
         v_supplier_nbr, v_supplier_nbr, v_supplier_nbr,

To prevent users from abusing this dynamic SQL piece, you have to make sure that p1...p4 are pre-approved from a list defined by you or use DBMS_ASSERT as above.

In practice if the list is small, you could use simple static SQL:

    SELECT wk_nbr,
           decode(p1, 'column1', column1, 'column2', column2 [...]) AS matrl_nbr,
     GROUP BY [...]
              decode(p1, 'column1', column1, 'column2', column2 [...]),
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