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I have created a new content Email Manager + A Target Audience. When I select the item "Target Audience", I get 6 options to create a new Newsletter. I would like to insert a new one, specific for my project.

I have duplicated the branch Newsletter Message and update the content (Layout / Items linked to the root branch ...). Now, I would like to see it to be able to insert / create a new newsletter based on what the project / client needs.

Where is the link ? I cannot find it. I have parsed different item template, but I didn't find where do I have to link the Target audience template with my new Branch Newsletter template.

Any tips / helps with that?

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Try to add it as an Insert Option to the /sitecore/templates/Branches/Email Campaign/Target Audience Branch/$name/Drafts item.

You can add an Insert Option with the help of the ribbon in Content Editor: Configure tab -> Insert Options -> Assign.

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Indeed, it was working. I solved my issue. I was looking at the Target Audience Template item instead of in the Branch Target Audience Item. –  fix105 Nov 1 '12 at 14:47

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