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With the version 1.4.9 of Prestashop, I'm trying to install the PayPal module; downloaded from the official PS module repository, the installation ends successfully; but when I refresh the modules list it doesn't appear...

I've tried to install the module using the backend interface and also uploading the unzipped plugin to the /modules/ folder of the shop.

There are no errors shown and no disk space limitations.

Someone having/had same problem? I'm not new to PS and I've never had this problem..

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Prestashop continued to alert me "All the modules cannot be loaded due to memory limit restriction, please increase your memory limit value on your server configuration"; searching on Prestashop Forum, I found this: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/185375-solucionado-instalar-paypal/ And doin' this

Contacta con tu hosting, para que te aumenten el memory limit, puedes intentarlo tu, por ejemplo añadiendo esto:


en el fichero /config/config.inc.php.

saved my day! In fact, Prestashop didn't load all modules and I didn't see PayPal after installation, while now is there :)

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