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i have a problem about exporting a datatable to excel. The exporting to excel is not the problem there are enough solutions on stackoverflow and in the internet. My problem is i must export the datatable with the formating. Now when i export the datatable all cells (header and body) are defined as standard (dataformating). So if i export a datatable for example with integer (numbers) and string (text), i will get the right formating in excel interger is formated as number and the string are formated as text (in excel, i mean the category). Does anyone know a solution for this?

At the moment i use the function on http://www.codeproject.com/Tips/406704/Export-DataTable-to-Excel-with-Formatting-in-Cshar to export my datatable.

My second question is. Is there a way to set the styles with a second datatable which contains the whole configure for the tablestyling (headerbackground and so on)

In my function now i configure this with input parameters which set the styles.

This is my thought how it looks like.

ExportDatatabletoExcel(ByVal _datatable as datatable, ByVal _styletable as Datatable)

Thank you in advanced.


PS: Sorry for my bad english.

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2 Answers

This article should be very useful for you: Understanding the Excel Object Model

It contains details and code examples for working with styles through .NET and Excel.

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Thank you very much (: –  Alex Stein Oct 30 '12 at 13:41
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You could also use EPPLUS to create real excel documents. It would be more work than outputting HTML as an excel document but would give you more control.


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