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I have a GridView that displays grouped items (similar to the default project on Win8 store apps).

The difference is that each group may contain the same items as others.

I need to know, for the item, which group it was clicked in.

[Edit: Removed "item was clicked"]

I know how work around the issue by walking the visual tree (and not using the ItemClick event) - but I want to know if there's a standard way for doing that.

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Are you using the default SampleDataSource class? If you are, in the ItemView_ItemClick event, you can get the ID for the group using the following code

        var groupId = ((SampleDataItem)e.ClickedItem).Group;
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In my question, I say that "each group may contain the same items as others". That means that I can't have a .Group property. – Shahar Prish Nov 5 '12 at 20:52

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