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I'm trying to load a list from xml. each node has few nodes. I know it's possible to do it in a foreach loop like in the picture below, but i would like to avoid using a loop.

this is what I don't want, but without the loop: enter image description here

I saw this examle, but it's only for one node "id". How can I transform XML into a List<string> or String[]?


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var contacts = from c in xdoc.Descendants("contact")
               select new Contact()
                  GUID = (string)c.Element("Guid"),
                  Name = (string)c.Element("Name"),
                  Email = (string)c.Element("Email"),
                  PhoneNumber = (string)c.Element("PhoneNumber")

Where xdoc is an instance of XDocument class.

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Perfect! thanks. – Itay.B Oct 30 '12 at 12:25

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