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I want to get into detail with win api hooking. This is a cite from the download page of MS Detours 3.0:

Detours Express 3.0 is available for immediate download under a no-fee, click-through license for research, non-commercial, and non-production use. Detours Express is limited to 32-bit processes on x86 processors.

I am using Win 7 x64. Is that meaning that Detours (at least the free version) is useless for me? I ask because I read a lot of post recommendnig MS Detours, but nowadays i think nearly everyone is working on an x64 machine.

Has anybody worked with it on an x64 OS? Does it work?

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MS Detours x64 is a commercial package which is very expensive. an alternative is MHook, or EasyHook.

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i write a tool D Probe, support both x86/x64 hooking, but it's not a hook library, it's a dynamic tracing tool with a API filter SDK, so it must be integrated into D Probe console, can not be linked into other application as independent module as detours or easyhook, if you want to have a try, go to my profile page to get the download link.

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