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Please explain, why this isn't working (Groovy 2.0.5 on JDK7). I just want to add some map entries from a list.

def map = new HashMap<String,String>()
map << ["key":"value"]

def list = ["a","b","c"]
list.each {
    map << [it:"value"]
println map
println map.a
println map.containsKey("a")

[key:value, a:value, b:value, c:value]
null        <- ?
false       <- ?

It is also not working with:

map << ["$it":"value"]

But it is working with:

map << [(""+it):"value"]


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map << [it:"value"]

Just uses a key called it. If you wrap it in parentheses:

map << [(it):"value"]

It works as you wanted...

If you do:

map << ["$it":"value"]

Then, you can see that you have a GStringImpl: as a key rather than a java.lang.String

println map.keySet()*.getClass().name
// prints [GStringImpl, GStringImpl, String, GStringImpl ]

(package names omitted for brevity)

Then, you try and look up a GString key with a String, and this fails (see the 'GStrings aren't Strings' section on this page)

This works:

map << [(""+it):"value"]

As it just creates a String (by appending it to the empty String)

Anyway...long story short, use [(it):'value']

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