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Ive got an mde file and all i need is to get data from tables of this file in any format... I've tried everything that I could find on the internet or get by myself, but nothing helps. When I am using standard tools for extracting data in access it says to me, that I have something running operations on that database( I think there is some kind of a macro or something else, that starts when I open this file).

If you have any info on how to get data from this file I will be SO thankfull!

Thaks again for your attention and I really sorry for my bad english(doing my best to learn speaking it better).

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Have you use get external data from another database? – Fionnuala Oct 30 '12 at 13:08
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There are a few tricks you can try:

  • Press SHIFT when opening the file to disable autoExec macros.

  • Just in case the file is corrupted, try to compact and repair it (make a backup copy before!).
    You can use the command line option /compact to perform the compact and repair without first opening the file.

  • You can create a new database and create linked tables from the other database.
    You'll have the option of copying the whole tables (you may need to rename the .mde into .mdb so you can see it in the dialog asking for the file to link to).

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