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I have given a name for my server as the hostname while i setup the WHM. its a subdomain of my main domain. After setup it works without any issues.

But I'm having a concern why do we have to give a hostname for the server which is not used for any other accounts? That means, can't I host any websites in that hostname subdomain? If I can utilize it, whats the point of creating the entry like that in the server?

This may a silly question, but i'm doing this for last couple of month for few servers without knowing the reason why I'm doing this. I would like to know whether I doing it in the right way or am I missing something on this setup.

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You can't use your hostname for any cpanel account as Your physical web server will be known across the Internet with your hostname. Also your hostanme will appear in mail headers. The requirements to set hostname can review under "Change Hostname" heading on the main Hostname page in WHM. But you can use it as let suppose your hostname is: srv.domainname.com

and you can create an cpanel account/domain as domain.com or www.doamin.com.

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