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I am working on a web based EMAR application which we are building in DotNet. I have a requirement to make to Pharmacy Software's with my web based EMAR. Please correct me if I am wrong, I think I need to make a transfer engine which communicate with Pharmacy Software and my web based EMAR. This is the basic of my requirement. Now let me allow to explain what I have to achieve.

In my EMAR there are Facilities and they have Patients (Residents) there. Now If a Pharmacy of a Resident add or edit in any medication in its own software then it should automatically appear in the medication profile of web based EMAR.

I am doing some research in this from last couple of days. I found "Mirth Corp" ( ) and "IGUANA" ( ) which provide this. But not sure how they can help me in this.

Can anyone help me here how fulfill this requirement?


Rahul K

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We are using WSO2 ESB to transfer HL7 messages (ADT messages for Patient Data) from one system to the other. As it is a ESB you can transform the HL7 (file based or over TCP-IP) in any other format (XML, text) over different transports like WebService, FTP, local file or whatever. WSO2 is a really simple ESB and fully free & open-source. Just download and create a proxy (gets data), transform it (if you need) and send it to you application.

-- I'm not related to WSO2, so this is just my opinion ---

Of course you can use also other ESB like Mirth. Or here you can see a list of some open-source ESB. But you need to check if they have an HL7 adapter included.

If you don't want to use any ESB, there is the Java Implementation of HL7 with the HAPI library. Then you can do whatever you want with it.

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Thanks for sharing, i will try to go for it. will update you here. – Rahul Khadikar Oct 31 '12 at 12:22

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