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OK, I know a lot of people might have asked about this, but, I just can't seem to find my answer. What I wanna do, is that I wanna delete all .jpg and .txt files (for ex) in dir1 and dir2.

What I did was:

@echo off
FOR %%p IN (C:\testFolder D:\testFolder) DO FOR %%t IN (*.jpg *.txt) DO del /s %%p\%%t

In some directories it worked, in others it didn't. Like for .e.g this didn't do anything:

@echo off
FOR %%p IN (C:\Users\vexe\Pictures\sample) DO FOR %%t IN (*.jpg) DO del /s %%p\%%t

Could you help me out here, I'm a novice in writing batch files, is this the right way of doing this? if not, then what's the right way? if it is, then what I'm I missing in the second snippet? why didn't it work? thnx for any tips :)

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It would help if you provided more information about how exactly it "didn't work". How does the actual result differ from the expected result? Do you get an error message? Which? –  Ansgar Wiechers Oct 31 '12 at 3:04

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You can use wildcards with the del command, and /S to do it recursively.

del /S *.jpg

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appending a line pause in the end will allow user to see complete log information. –  KNU Feb 4 at 6:27

If you are trying to delete certain .extensions in the C: drive use this cmd:

del /s c:\*.blaawbg

I had a customer that got a encryption virus and i needed to find all junk files and delete them.

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This seems terrifyingly unsafe. –  dudewad Apr 27 at 16:20

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