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I needed to implement add and remove blocks in the middle of the large file - "hole punching" I can't find an analogue functions fallocate() and splice() under FreeBSD.

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Unfortunately those functions don't exist within FreeBSD, and as noted on the man pages they are Linux only extensions. –  X-Istence Nov 1 '12 at 16:09

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FreeBSD has had posix_fallocate(2) since 8.3 but no splice().

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Roland is right about posix_fallocate(). BTW, I can not find fallocate() even on a Linux system here (RHEL-5.7), so you really don't want to rely on its presence even on Linux.

As for splice(), it would seem, no. The closest it comes to that on FreeBSD is sendfile() -- but only when the destination is a socket.

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