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I'm using typo3 and learning how it works. I'm trying to build a table with some pictures, but all that I have tried didn't work. So I will like to have some suggestions about how this can be accomplished.

Here is what I have:

On my controller I get a Tx_Extbase_Persistence_QueryResult with a group of pictures:

$fileElements = $fileElementRepository->getFileElementsByNumberOf($id,     $numberOfElements);

$this->view->assign('fileElements', $fileElements);

And here is what I do with them on my index.html:

  <f:for each="{fileElements}" as="satArc">
   <f:image src="{satArc.filePath}" alt="{satArc.linkText}" />

At the moment I get a row with all the pictures available. Because I have the for loop inside the tag. But I would like to find a way to group them in rows with 4 pictures. But I haven't figure it out how to divide in groups of 4 elements the queryResult.

I hope this is clear enough, otherwise ask.

Thanks for reading :)

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Have a look at the for loop's iteration argument –  adhominem Nov 1 '12 at 16:20

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You can use

<f:for each="{...}" as="...">
    <f:cycle values="{0:'', 1:'', 2:'', 3:1}" as="isLast">
       <f:if condition="{isLast} == 1">...</f:if>

So you can close the row and start a new one.

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I prefer in this situation a floated unordered list (You can simply fix this with other html and css).

If the variable width of the images is consider you by using the table construction. You can think about creating a custom array with a rows and items dimension in your controller and assign that to your view.

The iteration argument of the fluid for viewhelper doesnt take care in this situations. This kind of solutions are always horrible in cases like this.

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