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I recently asked a question to calculate the endpoint of a line in canvas based on percentage: Canvas, drawing a line segment

Now, I am stuck with how to calculate X percentage in the line from startpoint to be used as actual startpoint.

In the fiddle above, I have tried to mirror endpoints:

growth = 0.2;

// calculate line endpoint
current.x = start.x + (target.x - start.x) * growth;
current.y = start.y + (target.y - start.y) * growth;

// calculate line startpoint
scurrent.x = start.x + (start.x - target.x) * growth;
scurrent.y = start.y + (start.y - target.y) * growth;

But that does not seem to do what I want it to do.

My real goal is to make a function, that would draw a line:

  • in boundaries of point x, to point y
  • with length of n
  • and starting at position z.
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what you are stated as the endpoint is actually your "startpoint":

// calculate line "endpoint"
current.x = start.x + (target.x - start.x) * growth;
current.y = start.y + (target.y - start.y) * growth;

here is a function that returns a waypoint:

// start and end are points with .x and .y
// q is a number between 0.0 and 1.0
var waypoint = function (start, end, q) {

    return {
        x: start.x + (end.x - start.x) * q,
        y: start.y + (end.y - start.y) * q

now you can calculate waypoint wherever you want:

var start = {x: 10, y: 20},
    end = {x: 120, y: 70},

    a = waypoint(start, end, 0.2),
    b = waypoint(start, end, 0.8);

a and b will be point 20% in from either end of the original line.

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