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I'm using the userless access to the Foursquare API using client_id and client_secret:,-122.395487&v=20120608&client_secret=XXX&client_id=YYY

And get a response, but no results:


The latitude and longitude are in SOMA in San Francisco, and there should be plenty of venues around it. And, in fact, when asking for the very same coordinates using an OAuth token from the API Explorer instead of client_id and client_secret, I get plenty of results.,-122.395487&v=20120608&oauth_token=XXX

However fact, when I change the location by a few blocks to ll=37.779129,-122.393333 I get the same results for both queries, so there's nothing wrong with my client_id and secret. This is totally beyond my comprehension. Is there anything I'm missing?

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Okay, after a lot of experimentation there seems to be a bug in the Foursquare API (@akdotcom if you can read this please confirm). So, basically asking for


didn't return any venues, but


does. Trailing zeros do not help, however appending 0000001 to both latitude and longitude seemed to fix it for my test cases. I suppose it's some weird weird problem with their URL parsing, but maybe someone from foursquare could illuminate me.

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Weird, when I type in your lat/lng pair, I get back valid results:… -- are you still seeing this issue? – akdotcom Oct 31 '12 at 22:23
Funny, now it works (the issue was only with authentication over userless acess anyway) - I'll keep you updated if I find other coordinates for which it doesn't work. Could it be related to… ? – Manuel Ebert Nov 5 '12 at 14:11

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