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I want to know how i can trace program execution using xcode I want to know which method being called right now as when you add break point in method

Is there any way to do such alike thing without adding breakpoints??

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There are a couple of Debugger-related WWDC 2012 videos, one of which shows you how to add a breakpoint that continues automatically after running a debugger command. This is preferred to adding logging as there is no need to keep doing the write-compile-debug loop.

You can add an action to the breakpoint that calls:

expr (void)NSLog(@"self=%p Method1", self);

Having said that I still use log calls, but I use my own logging framework which prints the name of the class and method automatically (using __FUNCTION__ string generated by the compiler).

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after search i found that the easiest solution is to put the following code in your methods:

NSLog(@"<%@:%@:%d>", NSStringFromClass([self class]), NSStringFromSelector(_cmd), __LINE__);
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NSLog(@"Check 1 - 2 !");

will show you a log trace ;-)

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To add to that partial answer. Adding NSLog's within your code will help you to know where your program is at any given point. By putting NSLog(@"<method> fired"); or something similar inside of your methods you will be able to look at your console and see what is happening and when, without requiring you to use breakpoints. – Jeremy1026 Oct 30 '12 at 14:28

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