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JAva I have the following problem. I have a mobile object.

Calss object mobile
private ObjectId _id;
private String number;
private String nroMatricula;

Get and Set, etc.

When recovery of MongoDB.

String id = "5089e5fde4b07bf6f368366b";
DBObject soid = new BasicDBObject("_id", new ObjectId(id));
String s = MongoAccess.getSingleton().GetOneValueByKey("mobile", soid);
Mobile m = js.fromJson(s, Mobile.class);

public String GetOneValueByKey(String thecollection, DBObject key)
    String result = null;
    try {
        DBCollection collection = MDB.getCollection(thecollection); 
     result = JSON.serialize(collection.findOne(key));
    } catch (Exception e) {
        Logger.getLogger(MongoAccess.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, e.toString());
    return result;

Recovery data correctly but the _id attribute. I load the data I have in the database, but it generates a new id. That should be the correct _id "5089e5fde4b07bf6f368366b" but that is not the charge on the object. I can help.

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JsonDeserializer<ObjectId> des = new JsonDeserializer<ObjectId>() {

                    public ObjectId deserialize(JsonElement je, Type type, JsonDeserializationContext jdc) throws JsonParseException {
                        return new ObjectId(je.getAsJsonObject().get("$oid").getAsString());

                Gson gson = new GsonBuilder().registerTypeAdapter(ObjectId.class, des).create();
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