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I am creating a form and for what ever reason, when using a bindOnLoad with a remote CFC, my default value doesn't seem to appear.

Here is the cfselect:

<cfselect name="edcs"
    <option name="">Select an EDC</option>

And here is the function:

<cffunction name="getEDCs" access="remote" returntype="query">
        var queryService = new Query();
                "select distinct rtrim(edc_nm) as edc_nm 
                   from #APPLICATION.db2owner#.pms_account");

        var result = queryService.execute();
        var edcs = result.getResult();          


So, when the page loads I see the <option ...> value displayed for a split second and then the list gets populated, and the Select an ECD disappears. I need to have a choice for a null value, which is what the option is for. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Addition: According to the CF10 docs, I should be able to use the <option> html tag.

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I've run across this issue with CFSELECTs and binding CFCs. I have also been unable to add an <option></option> tag with a bound CFSELECT. The best way would be to create the query and force the result to have the desired input on the top. For example:

SELECT distinct 
    rtrim(edc_nm) as edc_nm_display,
    rtrim(edc_nm) as edc_nm_value
FROM #APPLICATION.db2owner#.pms_account
'Select an EDC' as edc_nm_display,
'0' as edc_nm_value
FROM dual

This will return your query with 'Select an EDC' on the top. Also, as a check, I believe <option name="">Select an EDC</option> should be <option value="">Select an EDC</option>. I hope that helps.

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The query will need to return that value. Try adding it as a UNION statement.

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something like this: select distinct rtrim(edc_nm) as edc_nm from #APPLICATION.db2owner#.pms_account union select cast(null as char(10)) as edc_nm from #APPLICATION.db2owner#.pms_account – Rob M Oct 30 '12 at 15:12
Yes. I don't know your data so you might need to add a column to order by but thats the right track. – Sam Farmer Oct 30 '12 at 19:03

Return is not a function ...


Try changing your function to ...

var result = queryServices().execute().getResult();
return result;
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