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I have a ListView that is displaying data from a large dataset. The data is retrieved from the web and put into a List<Data> (i.e. in memory) by a background task. (Think email inbox with polling updates.)

My problem is how to pass that data to the ListFragment/ListView/ListAdapter to display.

This List isn't permanent (so not in a Content Provider) but lives longer than activity (it's updated in the background when the activity isn't alive yet).

The only options appears to be:

  1. Pass it via an Intent/Bundle. This requires serialization on some level which will be very expensive for my long list, especially as each time the List updated in the background, I have to set a new List which means the entire list gets re-serialized.
  2. Create a Singleton that provides the list from anywhere in the program, and access SingletonListProvider.getInstance().getList() from my ListAdaptor. I don't like singletons and I'm worried about concurrency.
  3. Use a ContentProvider. Seems overkill for a simple List<> that currently lives in memory

Are there any other options?

It seems I have little control over how the Activity (ListFragment in this case) is created so I can't just pass the List as a constructor parameter.

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Best way is to use Database, especially if your data-structure large. By the way, you shouldn't create ContentProvider enough to extend SQLiteOpenHelper.

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Seems a lot of overhead for a simple ArrayList. Is there really no way for an Activity to see data held by other objects? – AshirusNW Oct 30 '12 at 15:10
You can use singletone as data provider. But for android it's not a common prectice. – Ivan Oct 31 '12 at 8:50

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