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We have several supervised actors (Akka 1.3):

val actor1 = actorOf[MyActor1]
val actor2 = actorOf[MyActor2]
val supervisor = Supervisor(
    OneForOneStrategy(List(classOf[Exception]), 3, 1000),
      Permanent) ::
      Permanent) ::
// now actors actor1 and actor2 are started and supervised
actor1 ! "hello"

We've converted this code using Akka 2 and its "parental supervision":

  val supervisor = ActorSystem("some-system").actorOf(Props(new Actor {
    override def supervisorStrategy = OneForOneStrategy(maxNrOfRetries = 3, withinTimeRange = 1 second)(List(classOf[Exception]))

    val actor1 = context.actorOf(Props[MyActor1])
    val actor2 = context.actorOf(Props[MyActor2])

    def receive = { case _ => }
  // actor1 ! "hello" ???

My question is: How can I access these supervised actors now? I still need to sent messages to them directly, and I need them to be supervised. It was straightforward in Akka 1, but I can't figure out how to do it properly using Akka 2.

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Where have you lost a watch, then?

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