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I have a Win CE application for hand scanners, and I have made an automated installer for it so that users will be able to run a program from their PC to automatically install it to their devices without having to use wither ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center. I have put together a document of instructions (which I will try to attach to a comment) and followed them carefully - but when I run the resulting setup program, it only installs on my c: drive, and doesn't do anything at all to the scanner. Please advise. My PC has Windows 7, Windows Mobile Device Center, and the scanner is running Windows CE 5.00.

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Apparently there is no way to attach files in StackOverflow, so I have published the instructions I wrote for myself at docs.google.com/document/… – Graham Laight Oct 30 '12 at 15:24
Some more information: I have added code to write to a file in the CustomInstaller project InstallerClass.cs program. What I have discovered is that InstallerClass InitializeComponent code section is running, but the public override void Commit(System.Collections.IDictionary savedState) code section isn't. Does this help anyone come up with any ideas what might be wrong, please? – Graham Laight Nov 1 '12 at 9:47
Instructions link changed - for new link click here – Graham Laight Nov 1 '12 at 12:36
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The problem was that the CAB .inf file and the custom installer ini files, both text files, were written using the Visual Studio 2008 text editor - and neither had ANSI encoding.

An approach I found to be very helpful was to work out how to install manually from the command prompt so that I could find out what my project was supposed to be doing. For example:

C:\Windows\WindowsMobile\CEAppMgr.exe c:\Progra~2\Microsoft\CEScanAppSetup\CustomInstaller.ini

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